Shakti, Kabbalah, and a piece of my journey

About a year ago I was involved in a Naam Yoga teacher training program in New York City. This beautiful form of yoga came to me through a book I won from a wellness fair that I had stopped at on a whim. The book, This Luscious Life, was written by Kelley Black, a beautiful, woman who courageously shared her life experience of being biracial. She opened up about her fear of living someone else’s life and repeating those mistakes herself, as well as the illusions and false beliefs from a life she lived outside of herself.

Reading through the pages, I was drawn in by her wit, style, and authenticity, as well as the fact that despite our different life experiences, I found myself in alignment with the same feelings of “I’m not good enough”, compromising my higher self for others, as well as some of her fears. Most of all I was intrigued by her story and her style of writing. She resonated deeply within me, inspiring me to take action.

She schooled me in the Divine Feminine Goddess energy known as Shakti. Shakti is empowerment–a divine cosmic energy that represents feminine energy and the dynamic forces that move through the universe. The power of creativity, strength, and change. She wrote about awareness and intuition, how we are beautiful beings of light, and the seven Karmic planets; I couldn’t read her book fast enough. I decided before I finished the book that I had to write her an e-mail and let her know how much she moved me and to express my gratitude. I sent the e-mail with no real expectation of her answering it. Two days later, when I received a response and an invitation to her Wednesday class, I immediately made plans to go into NYC. That class was my first experience with Shakti Naam Yoga and I was drawn in. It wasn’t too long after that I signed up for the teacher training.

Shakti Naam is a beautiful Yoga experience founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. It is known as the yoga of immortality and a yoga for these times. It incorporates mudras, mantras, meditation, and deep breathing techniques with dynamic movement that helps to prevent aging and disease. It invigorates the body, working with our electromagnetic field and meridians. Universal Kabbalah, a spiritual science from the West working with divine energy and the science of light, coupled with the peak yogic practices of the East, makes this spiritual practice transforming for your life and fulfilling for your soul.

The 12 codes of Kabbalah are a guide to living life from the heart. They help keep us from living life on autopilot, to live more in the present, and work as a filter for our perception of life. The codes invite the flow of love and bring us closer to our God.

One of our culminating assignments was to write an essay on the 12 codes of Kabbalah. While it was part of my personal spiritual journey, the few people I have trusted to read it have expressed its worthiness of a post so here it is.

Kabbalah codes essay         NYTT level 1 2017        Oct. 8th

On my journey thus far in life, one thing I can say for sure is that the universe will give you the same experience over and over until you make a different decision. The souls that come through your life are there to teach you lessons; these lessons help to raise your conscious level, awaken your soul, open your heart, and guide you to your most authentic self. While this awakening process started a decade or more before I learned about the 12 codes of Kabbalah, I found that some of these codes have naturally been implemented for me. Almost like an instinct, or maybe the heart’s pure expression of itself. Each time I learned about a new code I didn’t always feel like I was learning something new; I felt it was confirmation that the path I was on was the path of the soul. Not a path of right or wrong, the duality of this earthly plane, but a deep seeded knowing that gave me feelings of peace, comfort, and belonging, as well as significant strength, courage, determination, and freedom. Spiritual development, however, also brings about challenges; Deep seeded trauma, fears, and doubts have all begun to stir and come to the surface to be released. It’s a painful process that can bring you nothing short of grief. The realization that this development is the death of everything that I knew to be real and who I thought I was. Despite this constant pain, there is also an unwavering trust in the fact that you will evolve into the person you were meant to be. Because of this, the judgment of it ceases to exist, and you become more lovingly accepting of the messiness and vulnerability of your own human existence and that of those around you.

I was taught years ago that nothing is outside of me and that what I am experiencing as life is what I co-create with my thoughts, worries, and fears, as well as my words. It was amazing and frightening to know how much power God had given me over my own life. It all made much more sense to me than the dogma of organized religion. It was through Kabbalah that I learned my thoughts, words, and deeds are prayers, and in this day and age, can manifest in one’s life reasonably quickly. They have a tremendous impact on your life experience and the karmic debt you owe. The 12 codes are guides to living life truly from the heart. Here, finally, I have found my instruction manual! The more this journey unfolds, the more I realize that the things of this world are not what makes me happy. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want them or that I don’t deserve them, but the false belief that I won’t be happy unless I have these things is gone. I always felt the weightiness of our world and it never really sat right with me. The opinionated, aggressive, dogmatic, overly masculine society with its false beliefs and ego-driven autopilot life never felt right; It is nothing short of an imprisoned life. The 12 codes are the way of the spirit and the foundation on which an indestructible spirit can be built. I find great peace and comfort knowing that my divine self was already in alignment with these codes before I knew of them.

The first code of gratitude and thankfulness was a code that my heart was already aligned to. From the day the proverbial brick fell on my head, I became so grateful for all of my experiences and the people who helped me have them. I realized there is no good or bad experiences, just experiences that move you toward a spiritual growth based on love. I acquired a loving appreciation for people, the world around me, and of my own heart because it made me realize it was already somewhat open. This code also made me aware of my attitude toward life. One can easily get engulfed in negative thought patterns of all kinds, identifying ourselves with our stories that make our self-talk less than stellar and allow us to ultimately project that out into our world. A more conscious effort is being made on my part to smooth the edges of these thoughts, words, and deeds out, opening my heart up to be a more loving, kind, and appreciative version of myself.

The second code, the power of service, is one of the codes that I also felt so strongly. The desire to serve was already pressing on me before I was introduced to Kabbalah. As I awaken, it is instinctual to want to serve others and aid in the forces of light and universal wisdom. Only through a recent experience have I been made aware of my inaction and how it is not an option anymore. We can have such self-doubt about ourselves and become so conditioned to society’s expectations. We need to be reminded of our infinite potential and serving others reminds us that we get to choose self-belief or self-doubt. Simplicity is best. Figure out where you have a surplus in your life whether it be money, time, knowledge, or love, and give it away unconditionally. Trust God to make sure it gets where it belongs. Service to others through all of these avenues can only bring light to you. This code is also directly related to the universal law of cause and effect. I self-reflect on the impact of my words and deeds as often as I can, knowing that the consequences of them will be self-inflicted. It takes strength to stand alone and not be part of the crowd mentality.

The third code, love that which is good, ignore that which is bad, is defined by what resonates with our inner being. As my conscious level rises, I realize that duality is in constant competition with my state of higher being. As one gets caught up in the “game”, the divine connection is strained and can create a level of discomfort or pain. I learned years ago through self-observation to try and shift my emotions to ignore the bad, or to see the good in what I perceive as bad, doing my best to stay in alignment with what resonates as good for me. It’s a tricky process, yet it is effortless to fall victim to that which is outside of us. We can become reliant on the negative aspects of intellect and ego, trapping yourself, others, and a situation or experience in a negative pattern.

The fourth code is to be goodness, justice, and compassion. Never criticize or envy. While being good is a choice, becoming goodness is part of the awakening process. As I move toward this state, it becomes instinctual for me not to accept anything less than that which is good, fair, and just, with a compassionate heart. I do my best to steer clear of criticizing and envying others because it’s an outward expression of the false beliefs about my self-worth. I must go within to get to the root of the trauma or pain that caused that poor self-image. I don’t need to dim someone else’s light to brighten my own.

The fifth code, patience, calm and considerate. Never give into anger. Through my experiences, I have learned how active patience can be. It takes effort and concentrated strength to be patient, calm, considerate, and to not anger. It is really about having an inner strength to stick to your guns, to repeatedly face your fears, let go of internal expectations and have trust that it will all work out in the end. Definitely a work in progress for me.

The sixth code, be pure, compassionate and gentle. Never use irony. I love the simplicity of this code. Purity, compassion, and gentleness are part of our humanness and found in the most sacred parts of our heart. It allows us to experience reality in its purest form before our thoughts destroy it. I experienced this happening in a recent situation where it was so obvious what was real about it and how the thoughts and fears of both parties shredded that reality. We are all children, and my experience is a painful reminder of how we need to engage with each other’s inner child with compassion, understanding, gentleness, love, honesty, and real communication through our hearts.

The seventh code, be confident, satisfied and open to others. Do not doubt and do not be envious. This code has taken some time to settle in for me. It is because I am so well aware that my confidence was not up to par and because of that, frustration and dissatisfaction have expressed themselves in my life. What I have learned is that real confidence is spiritual; it’s a sense of absolute conviction that cannot be affected by external or internal fluctuations. It comes from the depth of an open heart, an unwavering knowing, and trust in the true nature of things. The confidence from a loving heart crushes doubt and frees the soul. Being open to others is being able to communicate with an open heart, through real conversation, wholehearted listening, and well-thought response instead of expressing an opinion or regurgitating information.

The eighth code, be moderate in all things, is another law that has made me contemplate how I move through my life. There is a song performed by a singer named India Arie called Come Back To The Middle. It’s a song about going to extremes, chasing dreams, and falling because balance is not known. She writes “When we fall and are in the valley is when we can see both sides.” Moderation is the spiritual law of balance and one of the essential keys to a life of harmony and joy. As our hearts open and our consciousness rises the veil lifts to the extreme mechanical and automatic actions that prevent so many of us from manifesting the life that we are meant to live. Moderation to me is mindfulness: Being able in any situation to observe yourself from a peaceful, calm inner place. To not let your emotions and ego swing you too far in any direction good or bad, a place where you become reactionary. When you are down in the valley is when you can see the negative false beliefs and behaviors as well as glimpses of your greatness.

The ninth code, be humble, kind, modest, generous and respectful of others. Never be spiteful. I love this code and do my best to live up to it as often as I can. I understand humility to be everything that I have from my intelligence, beauty, gifts and spiritual greatness as not mine. They come from divine light and are the part of us that connects us to the source. As I grow, I become more aware of how my actions impact others and the world. To be generous is to have a kind heart and respect for others, which is directly related to the respect I have for myself.

The tenth code, be true in word and deed has had a significant impact on me. It seems like such a simple code to understand and follow through on. I tell the truth but when I had to turn inward and begin to see the things that I haven’t been truthful about with myself it became difficult. As my conscious level rises, some of the thoughts that I thought about myself or emotions that I know I had shoved down, about me, my life, my relationships, all had to be dealt with. My inner harmony was not correct and I was suffering, creating internal tension and disharmony. I do my best to remind myself that what I say, think, and do should honor my own spirit as well as the spirit of another.

The eleventh code is to be helpful and considerate of all that exists. Never deceive or betray anyone. To be helpful and considerate of all that exists is to be divine and this divine reality is the same in all that exists, a relationship of oneness. Despite how complicated our world is right now peace can be achieved. It is solely dependent on the compassion that is in our hearts and minds. Deceit and betrayal will cease to exist in this new world. I genuinely believe that this new world is already beginning to manifest. The earth is ascending and taking us with it. When the minds and hearts of enough people shift to this new way of being, a new world will emerge.

And finally, the twelfth code is to practice devotion. Love and protect life. Spread peace and harmony and in no way be aggressive. I have a spiritual practice that is part of my daily routine which creates an unbroken relationship with universal divine energy, aka source, or God. It awakens my awareness, raises my conscious level and brightens my aura. I am well aware that to love and protect life is to first take care of my own. Through a healthy mind and body, I can better serve, teach and be divine inspiration. Do not sow seeds of failure and destruction of any kind. The earth and everything on it is alive. In no way be aggressive, a statement that seems to diverge from the norms of society. While it is pure instinct to anger and be aggressive for self-protection and the protection of innocence, non-violence for everything else takes courage and strength, the kind that is found in the heart, for the love of all things living.

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to dive into and explore these twelve codes. I enjoyed the depth of the dive and the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained because of it. It was intriguing and stimulating to research them the way I did and to find what resonated with me.

While my journey to this space in time has not been easy, I am grateful for the transformation. At times it has felt that a sledgehammer has cracked my heart wide open. And so be it, science is finally catching up with what spirituality has already always known. The electromagnetic field of the heart is greater than the mind. We do everything with our hearts first. My inner child is slowly emerging and with it comes this feeling that I am a kid in a candy store. I want to try everything that seems new and exciting, I want to know what I am good at and what I like. I also feel this strong urge to let go of everything that is of this earthly plane. The duality and false belief systems that are set up to keep us confined and broken. It all feels like a heavy vibration, one that I refuse to carry anymore.

I know that it is not about the destination but the journey, and mine is just beginning. I have learned to love myself with the same passion that a lover would. I have permitted myself to dream again and to see myself doing whatever I think feeds my happiness.

My life’s journey so far has not gone in the order in which society says it should. I took on more of an adult role in my teens and early twenties, didn’t hit adolescence until my thirties, and now find myself embracing my childlike qualities, seeing the world with a newfound wonder. I know now there is nothing “wrong” with me or anyone else because the universe only creates that which is perfect.

The teacher training program was transforming for me on every level. It was an experience I will never forget. The women I bonded with and the experiences we had will live in my heart for the rest of my life. Love, Peace, and Light to all of my Mercuritas and to the teachers and staff at Naam Yoga NYC for a soul fulfilling experience. Sign up and awaken your soul!

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Primavera Salva is a teacher at Naam Yoga NYC and was one of my teachers in the teacher training program. A true yogi and mystical teacher who can aid you in reconnecting with your most important aspect of who you are – your soul.

Anastacia Williams is a powerful Naam Yoga teacher, who is a life coach, and mentor. I had the pleasure of experiencing her empowerment program. If you are ready to move into action and awaken your own Shakti power her 7 Week Empowerment program is one worth looking into.

Penni Niles is a Naam Yoga teacher and the creator of  Mindful Movement 4U.  When I was going through my teacher training she was a constant source of support and knowledge. Sign up to experience her class and find out what Naam Yoga is all about.

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